Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Believe

I had so many "moments" yesterday as our 44th President of the United States officially took office that I didn't even try to keep count. When he won the election back in November of last year, I remember being speechless. It was one of those moments that needed no words...if there were any to describe it.

Yesterday, the moments were different. Still somewhat indescribable, but on a much different level. Yesterday made it all real, and my emotions varied from one minute to the next.

I clapped and gave my best round of barking (pumping my fist and all) when the name Barack H. Obama was called out over the loud speakers, and he made his grand entrance into the arena where the ceremony was to take place. I laughed as he took the Oath of Office, keeping his poise amidst the fumbled words that were given to him to repeat. I cheered after what I thought was a well-written, amazingly-delivered inaugural speech. I burst into unexplainable tears the first time President and First Lady Obama exited "The Beast" (the name given to the massive car they rode in during the motorcade to The White House) and walked for seven minutes down Pennsylvania Avenue waving and thanking their adoring supporters.

Call me a lover of fairy tales....or maybe it is the romance writer in me. I don't know. But in the mix of all of the wonderfully profound things that went on during the course of the day, my favorite moment of all was the Obamas' first dance during the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball. Every single one of the reactions and emotions that I had to all of the other happenings joined forces (yes...including the barking and fist pumping) and erupted from me during this two or three minute dance to Etta's James's "At Last" as performed by Beyonce'. It was a near-perfect ending to a near-perfect day of celebration.

When I see the Obamas, and when I see what they've accomplished, and when I see where they plan to take this country, and when I see WHO (God) is really in charge and know that He has all power in His hands....I can't help but hope and believe. I'm not making Obama an idol of any kind. I know Who reigns and sits on the throne. I don't expect things to change overnight, and I don't expect President Obama to make all the right choices. But I hold fast to the Word of God that says all things are possible if we just believe.

I you?


Cyncere Sister said...

I Believe...and I had the same plethora of emotions...and I'm yawning today because I stayed up with the hubby and darn near watched every "first" dance...I saw the first one at the Neighborhood Ball...heard Etta James' song but didn't see Beyonce until I looked at it on another channel this a.m.

Great Day! Great Time!

'Cilla said...

I Believe...

Great post :-)