Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here's Your Chance To Win A Free Book!

My latest novel, Fifteen Years, officially released on February 1, 2010, and I have partnered with Review magazine (click on the magazine's name to read my latest online interview) to give a free copy to one blog reader as a way to kick off the book's debut. To qualify for the free book, all you have to do is carefully read the information below....
In 2005, I released a book entitled Crossing Jhordan's River, which reached the #1 slot on Essence magazine's bestsellers list. I hope you were one of those who read it! It would help you to have a better chance of winning this contest. :-)
In order to have your name placed on the qualifying list to receive a free copy of Fifteen Years, you must do two things. First, if you are not already an official follower of the Blessed2Write Blog, you must click on the appropriate link to become one. And second, you will need to send an email directly to me at and tell me the significance of the title, Crossing Jhordan's River. In other words, how did the title of that book relate to the story?
The names of all those who answer correctly will be place in the qualifying bowl, and one blessed participant will receive a free personally autographed, hot-off-the-press copy of Fifteen Years! The clock is ticking. This contest is ONE DAY ONLY! I will announce the winner on tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Will it be you?

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Tammy said...

I are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are doing an AWESOME job for Christ. The current thought that comes to my mind and spirit is Nehemiah building the wall. He couldn't come down and don't you come down. Continue doing what you enjoy. Your passion inspires me. Peace and blessings always, your hometown friend Tammy Tooley.