Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Anonymous...

As I type this relatively brief entry into my online blog, I'm listening to the sounds of fireworks that are being set off at Stone Mountain Park. Although I'm not in the park itself, I live close enough to hear the noises, and if I stand in just the right place on my back deck, I can see some of what's causing it all. All these loud popping sounds are in recognition of Independence Day, a time that our nation sets aside to celebrate the time, in 1776, that the thirteen colonies separated themselves from the Kingdom of Great Britain. That day marked an historic time, because had that breaking away never taken place, there may have never been a United States of America.

On my Facebook page today, I quoted John 8:36 in my status, which says, "If the Son therefore makes you free, you shall be free indeed." It was so befitting of Independence Day, because what we, who have accepted Christ know for sure is that had we never separated ourselves from the bondage of sin, we would never have known what God had in store for our lives, and we would never have become all that He designed us to be.

I've never before written a blog posting that was addressed to any particular person before, but today, I felt compelled to do so. In recent days, someone, who chooses to keep themselves "anonymous" has attempted to leave two negative (personal attack) comments on my blog. Without getting into any of the details, I just want to let "Anonymous" know that her (because I know it's a woman) comments do not shake me in the least, nor do they make me desire to change the way I do things. What I do as it pertains to my writing career and my life as a whole is ministry. As an outsider, you know nothing about me, therefore it is highly presumptuous of you to think otherwise. And just like the case with the fireworks that I'm listening to right now, while I'm not in heaven, I can hear the voice of God, and if I position myself in just the right place, I can see His hand of direction for my life. He is with me everywhere I go. And because He has set me free from the bondage of worrying about what people think of me, I can declare in Jesus' name, that your attempts to unnerve or unravel me have failed. As a matter of fact, your attempt at launching a verbal attack has brought a smile to my face, because I realize that it is only when a person is stiving to do a work for God that the enemy feels the need to rear his ugly head in such a manner as this, in hopes of throwing God's people off course. But sister...MISSION UNACCOMPLISHED! Your seeds of discord have fallen on stony ground and have not taken root. The sun (and the SON) has dried them up, and they have whitered and died.

If you ever have anything further to say to me, please feel free to come out of your hiding place. When used in the case of sending unpleasant notes, the word "Anonymous" is just a longer way of spelling "coward." I pray for you, my sister, because very few things are more dangerous than tampering with God's anointed ones. Although I don't know your name, HE does, and there is no better time to ask His forgiveness for your misguided assumptions and impure thoughts than now. What better day to free yourself from the bondage of being used as a tool of the enemy than on Independence Day? Free yourself from the bondage of your own mind and your own twisted imaginations. The freedom you'll feel once you've done so will be more refreshing than you've ever dreamed. God bless you. He loves you unconditionally, and so do I.


Free2praiseHIM said...


In her effort to curse you, "Ms Anonymous" has effectively cursed her own self. "Ms Anonymous", watch how you let the devil use you. The Power of Life and death are in the the tongue. Speak life!

TaShona said...

Kendra ~ As we grow in grace and as we follow God's instructions, the enemy will attack. However in the attackers will never show their face. Our God is a God of order and all things that are done happen so that in the end 'HE GETS THE GLORY' What the devil meant for bad, God will always turn it around for our good!

Through this, many may question or even wonder: How? How can someone put out an attact on a child of God? Well this is what the enemy does; when we get to new levels, there will always be new devils. They can look like us, dress like, us and be in the very midst of us - yet they are the enemy. I praise God for you and your spirit that simply says "He Reigns" as this is the one thing that I take from this....yes "He Reigns!"

I pray that Ms. Anonymous will seek the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things (peace, love, kindness, longsuffering, patience, temperance, joy and so much more) will be added unto her! Praying for you to continue to walk in His Word for; He Has His Hands On You!

Rudelle said...

Kendra you handled the situation just as as someone who knows who she is and whose she is. When you have the assurance that God has you covered you can stand against any attack. Praying for you and with you and know that God will continue to you use you to touch and change lives.



Anonymous said...

Kendra, you are such a classy and Spirit-led woman. I'm a Christian woman, but I know that God is still working on me because I probably would have cussed "Anonymous" out. I'm just being real. How the you-know-what does she feel that she has the right to be judgemental of you or question your motives or character in any way whatsoever? I'll bet you anything that she goes to church every Sunday because only "church folks" who think they are so rooted and grounded in God that they always have a "word" to pass on to somebody else, or they see or hear one thing and draw all these premature conclusions. They are more judgemental than the people who never step foot in church. Anonymous needs to go somewhere and sit her you-know-what down and shut the you-know-what up. There's no way that she can truly know you because those of us who do would have never allowed our minds to be twisted into thinking something ungodly about you. We know you and we know your heart for God and for ministry. I have read your work, I have followed your career for years, I have interviewed you on more than one occasion. From those experiences I can honestly say that you are a rare find. There are only a handful of you out there who aren't just writing about Christianity, but truly living it on a daily basis as well.

Continue to hold your head up, woman of God. There is always somebody out there who the devil is going to use to try to trip you up. But always remember that you have some supporters out here who will stand up on your behalf. "Anonymous" don't scare none of us. Plus God always has your back, but if you ever need somebody in the flesh to help you fight your way out of a corner, just remember, I always keep a can of you-know-what with me, and I don't mind opening it up every now and then. (Like I said, God is still working on me).

~Not "Anonymous"...just don't have an account (LOL). This is your friend, the one and only Agent T.S. aka "The Undercover Freelance Writer"

pr8ser61 said...

Kendra, I'm blessed and encouraged by your response vs reaction to "anonymous". Two subjects that you've spoken on recently, 3-G Network (people using us and now this one, are both situations I've dealt with/am dealing with myself. I thank God for you, your ministry, your spirit and His Spirit in you. We have His assurance that no weapon formed against us shall prosper so continue to stand on His word, which will never fail.

Anonymous said...

Well, my dear sister Kendra obviously this person does not know you because if she did she would know that you are a strong Woman of God who gives Him all the Glory. You are also spreading His Word through the ministry that He has given you to give His people. Kendra, I pray that you continue to be the Woman of God that you are!
Much Love,

Jaxson Corey said...

n her effort to curse you, "Ms Anonymous" has effectively cursed her own self. "Ms Anonymous", watch how you let the devil use you. The Power of Life and death are in the the tongue. Speak life!

Jaxson Corey said...

In her effort to curse you, "Ms Anonymous" has effectively cursed her own self. "Ms Anonymous", watch how you let the devil use you. The Power of Life and death are in the the tongue. Speak life