Tuesday, May 22, 2012

M-PACT Writers: A Growing National Network

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It's been just over a year now that a new national writer's fellowship was born. The seed for this vision was planted in Atlanta, Georgia on March 10, 2011, when nine aspiring and published writers became the organization's elite founding members. However, since that time, M-PACT's roots have spread to include other capable scribes from many other cities across the United States.

M-PACT Writers (acronym for Motivated Pens And Creative Thoughts) is an accountability group for serious writers of color who choose to use their pens to create positive materials, including fictional novels, nonfiction books, poetry collections, song lyrics, and scripts. The primary mission and vision of this growing fellowship is to make a marked difference in the world of creative writing and to positively influence those who are entertained by the works that we create. Since the group was founded, several of the members who were aspiring to become writers have become published and produced writers whose books and songs have been fondly embraced by those who have read and heard them.

Only bigger and better things are expected from the men and women of this network. One of the most anticipated projects that will be realized by way of this group is its first collaborated endeavor. The idea to develop this collection of inspirational stories settled in my mind in August of 2011. A few day before, I'd had a lengthy conversation with Amealia Miller, one of M-PACT's founding members, and she expressed some concern on how she and other yet unpublished writers could get their start. It was then that I mentioned to her that I'd previously (back in 2006) created a project titled The Midnight Clear, an anthology that became the catalyst for many novice writers who have since gone on to become national bestselling authors. No concrete decision for another anthology was made at that time, but as I mulled (and prayed) over the idea and recalled Amealia's excitement upon hearing the suggestion, I decided to present the idea to the group and see if others would be as receptive to the idea as she. As the national president of M-PACT Writers, I can't help but feel a certain amount of personal obligation to do whatever I can to help each of those connected with the group soar to their highest height. Eventually, I put the challenge on the table for the group members to consider. When all was said and done, nine of them took it on. Although these nine are not the same nine individuals who are the founding members of M-PACT Writers, I found it a bit facinating and prophetic how the numbers matched.

Love Said Not So is still in the production stages, but is set to officially release on June 30, 2012 during a special book release celebration in Atlanta, Georgia. The book, published through KNB Publications, will also be available online at Amazon.com. It is comprised of stories from the hearts of its gifted contributors (listed alphabetically by last name): Sonnie Beverly, Norlita Brown, Bridgette Davis, Michelle Fuqua, Jonquille, Pauline Mansfield, Amealia Miller, Terri Whitmire, and A'ndrea Wilson. As the book's editor, I've had the pleasure of reading it in advance of its release, and when I was asked to provide a foreword, I counted it a joy to do so. For some of the participating authors, the story they contributed to Love Said Not So is their debut fiction project, but I am convinced that the readers of these dramatic, moving, and thought-provoking tales won't easily be able to determine which of the authors are complete newbies. It is likely that Love Said Not So is only the first of many M-PACT projects. The focus of this progressive group is to not only hold its members accountable to reaching all of their literary goals, but also to be proactive in helping them to reach them.

While M-PACT Writers is yet young, our foundation is solid and sturdy, and we are growing at a healthy rate. Before the organization was formed, it was determined that it would be one that is held to the highest possible moral and professional standard. Membership is only $25 per year, and although that's highly affordable, I'm the first to admit that this group is not for every writer. If scribes are not serious about reaching their goals . . . if they don't value the craft of writing . . . if they cannot respect M-PACT's guidelines, it's leadership, and the fellow members of the organization, then this is NOT the group for them. However, those that are willing and who are interested can feel free to click HERE and check us out. The Membership Application can be downloaded directly from the website and annual dues can be paid conveniently and securely online.

Do you have what it takes to be an M-PACT Writer? If you have a Motivated Pen And Creative Thoughts, perhaps you do...

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Love Said Not So


Norlita Brown said...

This was very well spoken, but I'm not surprised. It makes me pleased to be a founding member as well as an author in the anthology. Thank you, Kendra for pursuing your vision being led by your anointing.

WritersTablet said...

Kendra, It is indeed a tremendous honor to be associated with you and your ministry. I have already learned so much. I can't believe it was almost two years ago that I sat in your workshop hoping to publish "Breathe for Me". Now I'm in the middle of my third project. If you are a writer and you want a supportive group to guide you through this process, I highly recommend M-PACT and Kendra Norman-Bellamy. Be Blessed.

Amealia said...

Kendra and the M-PACT Writers have been such a wonderful blessing. I am forever thankful for all of the love, support, and the extra push I needed at times. I am ecstatic about the upcoming anthology release and blessed to have a short story beneath its covers. I can't thank you enough Kendra, but each day I thank God for having you in my life. You are phenomenal and I love you....your friend for life, Author Amealia Miller....

Jaxson corey said...

This was very well spoken, but I'm not surprised. It makes me pleased to be a founding member as well as an author in the anthology. Thank you, Kendra for pursuing your vision being led by your anointing