Friday, August 26, 2016

The Wait Is Almost Over!

Blondeva's Boys has been (and continues to be) a labor of love. Every literary work that I create, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, is written with passion and purpose; so this process is no different from that vantage point. However, just because of this book's title and the woman to whom it pays homage, the writing and releasing of it will forever have a special place in my heart.

The foundation on which to build this story about a woman called Ms. Blondeva and her four sons (one of which was at one time prodigal, but ultimately found his way home)  quickly and clearly formed itself in my mind. The names of its characters, the twists, the turns, the plot -- they were all revealed to me in the earliest days of the creation process. Because of all that, I predicted that this one would be a fairly swift write. I figured three months tops. Boy was I wrong! The fact that the writing of this manuscript wasn't progressing along at the speed that I wanted it to was very frustrating for me. I don't like to miss deadlines. For some reason, when I don't meet them, I feel a sense of failure.

My initial self-imposed release date for Blondeva's Boys had been set for the spring of this year. When June 20th rolled around, it brought with it the first day of summer and the hard realization that I'd missed my deadline. My first reaction was to get frustrated, but in my years of being a prayerful writer, I've learned that books inspired by God generally get completed on HIS time and not ours. There are some who have already pre-ordered this title, so I still wasn't happy that the book didn't release on the announced date, but I made peace with it.

The art of effectively balancing my career (corporate assignment) and my calling (writing ministry) can be quite challenging sometimes. Add to that the fact that I am a wife who refuses to allow anything to compromise the quality time I spend with my amazing husband . . . and then add to that the live radio show (Royal Pen Network) that I host each week . . . and then add to that my husband's and my July 10, 2016 ecclesiastical elevation and installation as Lead Pastors of Deliverance Revival Church . . . and perhaps you have at least a glimpse of what my daily life is like when trying to keep everything balanced and in perspective. I saw an online posting a few weeks ago that said, "I'm not saying I'm Superwoman. I'm just saying no one has ever seen both her and me in the same room at the same time." LOL!

Daily I thank God for my life. As busy as it is and as much of an acrobatic act as holding it all together can become, what I'm most grateful for is that it is filled with things that are rooted in purpose, and I get to share it with people that bring me love, joy, and peace. That's an existence that is worth more than all the money and status in the world. I weathered quite a few stormy seas to get to this place, but one thing I know for sure; God was always in my boat. And when the time was right, He said, "Peace. Be still." (**WHEW... I almost got happy. That'll preach right there!)

It's all about God's perfect timing. And as far as Blondeva's Boys in concerned . . . the wait is almost over, and the time will be 10:30 a.m. on October 29th during a book release party that will be hosted as a part of the 1st Annual Christian Book Lovers Retreat in Charlotte, NC. It is with great excitement and anticipation that I await this date. I mentioned in my opening paragraph that this project means a great deal to me. My mother hated her first name and very few people were even privy to knowing it. She went to be with the Lord in November of 2014 and shortly afterward, God gave me the inspiration to write a book that would make hers a household name. I understood Mama's dislike for her name. Honestly, I didn't care for it much myself. But after she graduated to heaven, I began seeing it as a name as unique as my mom was, and I embraced the idea of using it in my book's title. The character in the novel who shares her name is not fashioned after my mother. Blondeva (my mother) and Blondeva (the character) have very few things in common; however, the book itself is indeed named in Mama's honor. My prayer is that this fictional story of faith, family, and forgiveness is one that would have made her proud to have her name on the cover--and also one that readers will find heartwarming, dramatic, and encouraging.

Please make plans to attend this years Christian Book Lovers Retreat, And while you're there, also make plans to attend my book release and be one of the first to get a copy of my hot-off-the-press title. It will mark published work #22 for me, and the first five people to enter the party will receive a FREE autographed copy! How cool is that?

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msshannan said...

I'm sure you'll let us know when the release date is for those up us not able to make it to the retreat. Can't wait to read ot.

Milbourne Biddy Stafford said...

As with all of your books I can't wait to read it because I always find a word from God in your stories. Sorry I won't be able to attend the retreat but hopefully I can see you somewhere here in Charlotte