Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Igniting Your Relationships with God and Mankind

Nearly every day after leaving my corporate America assignment, I sit in the room with my husband, and for hours, he and I spend time writing entries for the new book that we're releasing this fall. One thing for sure that I can say about Cross-Fire: Igniting Passionate, Purposeful, and Powerful Relationships is that it's truly a labor of love.

Just the thought of the release of this relationship devotional excites me. The feeling of partnering in a literary work alongside the love of my life is beyond amazing. I'm no newbie at this. Cross-Fire will be my 23rd published work, but it will be my husband's very first, and of course, our first book together. People often tease us, saying that we're connected at the hip; always doing things together. It's true! We live together in the same home, work together for the same employer, and pastor together at the same church. I suppose writing together was the natural next step. We're guilty as charged. Our marriage seems to take oneness to a new level, but all of it is God-ordained, so I'm grateful!

Michael and I are very open with our love and affection for one another, and judging from the kissing couple on the front cover of the book, most would probably assume that it's a devotional about romance. That's true to a degree, but Cross-Fire is much, much more. Every human relationship needs God as its foundation. This devotional will cover subject matters on passionate relationships between man and woman, but also passionate relationships between mankind and God. Our relationship with our spouse should be the most passionate, purposeful, and powerful one that we have in the flesh, but our spirit's relationship with the Heavenly Father should be even more so. We should be in love with and on fire for God; seeking to please Him in every way! And we'll find that when our vertical relationship (the one that reaches from us upward to God) is solid, our horizontal relationships (those reaching laterally to connect us with other human beings) will be solid as well. That vertical and horizontal piece come together to form the shape of a cross.

Thus the name... Cross-Fire!

God has truly called and anointed Michael and me to write this ministry tool. When I look at the thought-provoking submissions that my husband turns over to me to include in the layout of the book, and I think of how just a few short months ago, he didn't view himself as a writer, it wows me. His writing is quite amazing. As readers will soon find out, Pastor Michael Holmes is truly a Word scholar and biblical teacher to his heart. Our creative writing styles are vastly different, yet they complement each other perfectly to make Cross-Fire an encouraging page-turner that will be both educational and entertaining.

Stay tuned for soon coming information on how to place advance orders. This book will make its initial debut (a pre-release, of sorts) on September 23rd in Atlanta, Georgia at a couples brunch sponsored by Dope Wives. It is scheduled to officially release, however, at the Christian Book Lovers Retreat in Charlotte, NC on October 28th. For more details about this eye-opening, life-changing "relationship bible" ... click HERE!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! This is an answer to prayer! I have literally prayed that the two of you would get together and write a relationship book. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I know this book is going to be a blessing. I'm doing a happy dance!

Melvin said...

That's what up! Congratulations.

Jasmine Taylor said...

This is awesome. I can see why you're excited about writing it. I look forward to reading it. Kendra you are one of my favorite writers. Please keep us posted.

Stephanie Shields said...

Wow! This must be a beautiful experience. I can only imagine that writing together has a way of bringing the two of you even closer as a couple. I'm not a huge reader of fiction, but I love nonfiction books and devotionals. I'll definitely get a copy of this one. Love your radio show too :-)