Sunday, May 17, 2009

Victorious Magazine Launch Celebration

VICTORIOUS Magazine is the cornerstone of our public communication, providing access to articles representing our victorious message! By reaching out directly to each woman and touching on the concerns that are on her heart we are able to encourage her to press on toward her dreams to live victoriously, taking control of her own destiny and achieving her true purpose. Our editorial content is designed to validate the importance of the things that appeal to her on all levels - personally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally - in a way that only women can understand.

Our article categories include Destiny & Purpose, Inspiration & Empowerment, Stewardship, Victorious Living, Victorious Wellness, and Style & Grace. The publication launched its digital version March 30, 2009. The first print issue of VICTORIOUS MAGAZINE will hit the newsstands September 2009, with an initial circulation of 25,000.

Featured Columnist - Danyelle Scroggins

Danyelle Scroggins is the Pastor of New Vessels Ministries and author of Not Until You’re Ready. Learn more about Pastor Danyelle Scroggins by visiting her web site

The Value Of A Friend
by Pastor Danyelle Scroggins

Have you ever had time to just take inventory of all the friends you have? Have you ever been in a position when you needed a friend, but you just didn’t know who to call for that particular task? Or is it that you are so blessed, you don’t have to plunder on the need when it comes to your friends, all you have to do is call? The Lord showed me something awesome concerning friends and their value in the ninth chapter of Matthew.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Celebrating "The Lyons Den" Connecticut Style

I'm still in awe. It's been almost a month since the porverbial icing was placed on the cake for the book club tour that was set in place to celebrate the release of The Lyons Den, yet whenever I think about that Saturday (April 18th), I'm awed all over again. I have only two words for the Connecticut celebration...."Oh, my!"

When I approached Lizz McCrae, president of Genesis Book Club (see photo), with the idea of her group hosting one of three official tour stops, I knew it was going to be a well-planned event. I'd met this awesome group of sisters last year when they sent for me to come and join them for the discussion of some of my previous titles. An instant spiritual bond was formed between us, and I now feel that they (especially Lizz) are not only my fans and supporters, but also my friends. It's a God thing! The women of Genesis are my sisters in the Spirit.

Anyway...back to the book release. As I said, I knew it was going to be well-organized, but I had no idea that it would be what it was. The Connecticut event wasn't just about celebrating books, it was about celebrating Christ. A flood of guests poured into the Christian Union Outreach Ministry's banquet hall to be a part of the festivities. Some came from as far as New York (shout out to Jackie) and New Jersey (shout out to Sharel and her crew)! The program consisted of powerful spoken word, praise dancing, songs rendered by several local talented artists, and live entertainment from the awesome Ace Livingston (and his band). Additionally, there was a solo rendered by a rising gospel artist by the name of Jimmy Wells. The event had already been an emotionally charged one, but when Jimmy took the mic, the Spirit began to move on a whole new level. At that point, it wasn't even really about books anymore, it was about worship. And boy did we worship...and worship...and worship!

I can go on and on about Connecticut, but I must end this blog entry. However, I cannot close without mentioning that the Saturday evening gathering turned into a two-day affair. Since my flight back to Atlanta wasn't until Sunday afternoon, I was invited to attend church services with Lizz and others of the members of Genesis Book Club on Sunday morning. Once again, two words..."Oh, my!" I had quite a wonderful experience during my time of fellowship with Bishop Frankie & Dr. Kim Carmichael at Love Center Deliverance Ministry in Hamden. All I can say is Dr. Kim brought the Word and I (along with everyone else in the building who was receptive to the Word) was truly blessed. By the time church ended, I was so uplifted that it felt like I was flying long before I boarded the plane to head back to Atlanta.

All in all, the weekend was beyond fabulous. Oh, did I forget to mention that I completely sold out of the cases of books that were shipped ahead of my arrival? The support was absolutely incredible, and I thank Lizz, the members of Genesis, Bishop & Dr. Carmichael, and all of the supporters in Connecticut who took part in making the last stop on my book release tour a memorable one.

To view a few of the photos taken, click HERE. For easier viewing, click on the "View Photos" at the bottom of the page and then choose "Play Slideshow" at the top of the next page.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Celebrating "The Lyons Den" Atlanta Style

The second stop on my "The Lyons Den book release tour" allowed me to avoid interstate or airport traffic. (YAY!) The celebration was held on April 11th and was hosted by the ladies of Imani Book Club (see photo at left).

Supporters gathered at the Auburn Avenue Research Library and joined me for an afternoon of food, fellowship, and some awesome live entertainment. In the way of entertainment, author, Terence B. Lester, ministered through a moving spoken word piece. His talent was followed by Antonio Allen who brought the crowd to its feet when he rendered an inspirational medley from his latest album, "The Air I Breathe." And the final layer of icing was placed on the cake when Emmy Award winning poet, Hank Stewart shared one of his most popular pieces, simply entitled "It." Everybody who came to this event was special to me, but I have to send a special shout out to my husband and daughters, the members of the Delta chapter of Iota Phi Lambda (the baddest sorority in the world), all of the local area authors who attended, Praise 102.5's radio personality, Rhodell Lewis (a.k.a. "Rhodell in the ATL") for stopping in to support, and to the local members of my national aspiring and new writers group, The Writer's Cocoon Focus Group.

It was no surprise to me that Imani Book Club did an outstanding job of organizing the Atlanta affair. This book club is one of the longest standing ones that I've ever fellowshipped with, and after more than fifteen years, they are still going strong and being a major support system to authors everywhere. And I absolutely LOVE the beautiful 'Daniel in the Lion's Den' matching Bible cover and journal that they presented to me in private at the close of the celebration. How creative of them to match the gift with the book's theme!

Thank you, Imani Book Club, and thank you, Atlanta, GA for the mad home town support!

Photos from the Atlanta event can be viewed by clicking HERE.