Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - My Year of Promises Fulfilled

It's been a full year since I've written in my official blog, but the lapse certainly wasn't due to the
lack of things worth posting! I last updated this online diary on December 31, 2014, and the entry I wrote was entitled: "Stepping Into 2015 - Stepping Into My Double Portion." In that article I shared how God had assured me that the year 2015 would be a year of double blessings for me. I didn't exactly know the fullness of those words that were divinely spoken into my spirit, but it didn't take long before they began manifesting themselves.

Indeed 2015 was a year filled with "doubles" that I hadn't anticipated. God's words to me began materializing in the simplest of ways. The first week of January, I received an online shoe order that I'd placed in December. The box containing the black ankle boots came just in time for me to wear on the new corporate assignment I was blessed to land in December as well. A couple of days after the first box of shoes arrived, a second box arrived from the same shoe store. It contain a similar pair of ankle boots; only in blue. I had only ordered one pair. When I called the company to report the error, the customer service rep ended our call by saying, "Well, I guess you got double for your trouble because if you want the boots, you can keep them at no charge." That turned out to be the start of a string of "doubles" to come.

Earlier in 2014, my husband and I learned that our son's family was expanding. He had already given us a grandson so it was good to learn that the little one on the way was a little girl. Jokingly, I'd told them to name her after me. As 2015 rolled in and the due date got close, we learned that it wasn't one granddaughter as we first thought. Twins. Double. In April, our family welcomed Kennedi and Kyndal to the world. Although it was never told to me that they'd actually named the girls after me, those names sound a lot like Kendra, don't they? :-)

God not only made good on His word through our son, but he did the same through our daughters. First, our baby girl got engaged. Then two months later, our firstborn daughter got engaged. Both our daughters were blessed to marry wonderful men of God in 2015, giving my husband and I two handsome "sons-in-luv." Double. And since our baby girl married a young man who'd had a son from a previous relationship, her marrying him gave us our second grandson. So now, not only did we have two granddaughters, but also two grandsons. Double.

The corporate employment that had opened to me in January had been assigned on a temporary basis. After six months, it became permanent. When the position was offered to me on a permanent basis, the offer came with a sizable raise. As I read the contractual agreement that was sent to me, one of the first things I noticed was that the amount of the accompanying pay increase was exactly two-times the amount of what I was paid on the previous job that I'd left in 2014. Double. And when I began working the job, I prayed and asked God to bring someone else on-board who had a genuine personal relationship with Him. Prayer partners...women to whom I could connect spiritually. God answered me in abundance. Today, only a few short steps separate me from two other Spirit-filled women with whom God has allowed me to build a solid sister-friend relationship. Double.

Most recently, I began praying for an avenue to open wherein I could put my gift of writing in action on a corporate level. I work for a Fortune 100 corporation, and being able to write for it would be an outstanding opportunity. The Lord revealed my heart's desire to one of the sister-friends with whom I work, and she approached me and gave me the name of a contact person who might be able to provide the connection I desired. I followed through with reaching out to the person she suggested, and my act of obedience resulted in the offer to become a contributing writer for the company's official employee magazine AND to be a writer for the company's diversity council. Double!!

And I know that there is more to come. I began writing this blog on December 31, 2015, but had to place it on pause so I could attend Watch Night Service to ring in the New Year in corporate worship. As I'm ending this blog entry, we have already been blessed to cross over, and I know in this year of 2016, God will continue to manifest His promises. Last year was a year of doubles. But I have so many stored promises from God that this year I am expecting an overflow!

I decree it in Jesus' name . . . 2016 is my year of promises PROMISES FULFILLED.