Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What Chapter 53 Means To Me

I am exactly one week away from completing Chapter 52 of my life and turning to the page that starts Chapter 53. While some people (especially women) frown on the thought of getting older, I celebrate every single day of every single year that GOD allows me to live to see. Great and marvelous things are what I expect in this next season, so I'm excited to read what the first sentences of the first paragraph of Chapter 53 will say. As a passionate and purposeful writer, "sentences, paragraphs, and chapters" are the best words to describe it all. 

Some prefer to celebrate their birthdays with spa treatments, shopping sprees, exotic excursions, and even by boozing it up with their buddies. To each his own. Me? I choose to celebrate mine by giving honor and praise to the Giver of life . . . the only ONE who allows me to see a new year of life. If it weren't for His mercy and His grace, I wouldn't be here, so I'm going to give Him all I've got! This year, my "Birthday Hallelujah" will take place the Sunday before my actual birthday and yes... we will be glorifying God to the highest! Ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party!! If it were not for the Lord, there is no way I could've have made it through these last twelve months.

As I reflect over my Chapter 52 I can honestly say that it has been one of the roughest of my life. At the end of the 2018 as 2019 was rolling in, God promised me a year of the "Exceeding Abundantly Above" and He did not disappoint. I have been wonderfully blessed this year, but those blessings haven't come without tests and trials. The enemy has fought me every step of the way. Every blessing seemed to come with the prerequisite of a battle, but with God on my side, I've won every single one. For the ones that are still ongoing, I've already claimed the victory because I'm not leaning on my own strength; I'm totally depending on the ONE who never loses. Therefore, there is no question that I shall win. 

I haven't publicly shared most of what I've had to face in the year 2019, and I'm not going to go into details about it in this blog entry either. But those who are closest to me (my small circle of confidants and prayer partners) are very aware. The battles ain't everybody's business, but rest assured that the overcoming testimony will be shouted from the rooftop! I haven't always understood God's will or His process, but my walk in Christ has taught me is that elevation almost always calls for excavation. When God prepares to promote us, it often requires the uncovering of things and people around us. Masks start to fall off, secrets begin to reveal themselves, a shifting happens at work, friends and family often change their attitudes toward us or walk away from us altogether. Excavation comes in many forms.

As many revelations and alterations came for me in 2019, so came the struggles.  It's been an unusually tough year on multiple levels. I've had to face giants that I've never had to face in all the years prior . . . BUT GOD! Yes, God has been with me through it all, and I have no doubt that there is a powerful testimony forthcoming. I can already feel it on the horizon. At this very  moment, I'm laughing within myself . . . because even in the midst of me writing this blog, I received an instant message that could very well be the start of my victorious Chapter 53. God is working it out even as I type, and I'm thanking Him in advance!

So spiritually speaking, what does the number 53 mean? It was a question that came to mind this morning, so I searched online and discovered this information:
  • Biblical Reference - Isaiah 53 refers to Jesus Chirst as the suffering servant who is horribly repressed, but in the end, He is rewarded! Jesus Christ is the Perfect Servant. The word "perfect" is used 53 times in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the Rescuer. The word "rescuer" is used 53 times in the Bible.
  • On earth, the number 53 is an indivisible number. As human beings we are indivisible with God.
  • Taking the number 53 and breaking it down to 5+3 we arrive at the total "8"... The number 8 represents the new beginning, the creation. It represents the resurrection. Jesus Christ was seen 8 times after His resurrection.
  • What does the number 53 represent in your daily life? Since you are indivisible with God, you have nothing to fear in this life. Anything you want from God starts with you, and God will help you. In health, love, happiness, family, business, career, faith... every part of your life and anything that can help you improve your life. All you need to do is make the first step toward God. He is always ready to rescue you.\
Even before I read this, I knew God was on my side. I didn't need to see it in my research to know it in my heart. But seeing it brought confirmation. All of this and more is what my Chapter 53 means to me. What the devil (and his imps) meant for evil, GOD is working it out for my good!

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